The Million Years Stone Park, Crocodile Farm

Tiger Zoo The Million Years Stone Park

The park/rock garden is known for its collection of ancient stones and fossils, some of which are claimed to be millions of years old. Some exotic plants, and flowers are also part of this garden. This park is surrounded by greenery.

There is a crocodile farm also inside this park where different species of crocodiles are bred and nurtured.

This park also hosts a lot of other attractive animals such as Tigers, Peacock, Bears, Giraffe, Ostriches, horses, elephants and various colorful birds and many more.

A visitor will also be able to attend various daring shows performed by the animal trainers. The park often hosts cultural shows, including traditional Thai dance performances and elephant shows.

This is a good place for photographers also. Visitors can also take picture with tiger paying around 200 thb.

the entry fee in this park for foreigners is 500 THB/ head and for Thai people or work permit holders is 200 thb/head.

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