Currency Exchange in Thailand

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In Thailand, you can exchange currency through various channels. Here are common currency exchange methods:

  1. Banks: Banks in Thailand provide currency exchange services. Major banks include Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, and Siam Commercial Bank. You’ll need to present your passport when exchanging money at a bank.
  2. Currency Exchange Booths: Booths or kiosks are widespread in tourist areas, shopping malls, and transportation hubs. These booths often offer competitive rates. Be cautious about exchanging money in less reputable locations, and always check for hidden fees.
  3. Hotels: Many hotels offer exchange services, but the rates may not be as favourable as those at banks or specialized booths.
  4. ATMs: Using ATMs is a convenient way to obtain local currency. You can use your debit or credit card to withdraw Thai Baht. Check with your bank about international withdrawal fees and inform them about your travel plans to avoid card issues.
  5. Online Services: Some online platforms allow you to order currency in advance and pick it up at a physical location or have it delivered. Ensure the service is reliable and secure.
  6. Airport Exchange Counters: Exchange counters are available at international airports in Thailand. While convenient, rates may be less favorable than in the city.
  7. Credit Card Transactions: Credit cards are widely accepted in Thailand, especially in urban areas. However, small businesses and some remote areas may prefer cash.
  8. Traveller’s Checks: While less common today, some travelers still use traveler’s checks. Be aware that not all places accept them, and fees may apply

Few famous exchange booths for exchanging currency are mentioned below….

  • Super Rich Thailand: Super Rich is a prominent and popular currency exchange chain with branches in major cities, including Bangkok. They are known for offering competitive rates.
  • Superrich 1965: Another branch of the Super Rich chain, Superrich 1965 is known for providing currency exchange services with a focus on favorable rates.
  • Vasu Exchange: Vasu Exchange is a well-known currency exchange service with multiple locations in Bangkok. They are often recommended for competitive rates.
  • Value Plus Currency Exchange: Value Plus has several branches in Bangkok and is known for providing exchange services with competitive rates.
  • Siam Exchange: Siam Exchange is a popular exchange booth with locations in shopping areas and transportation hubs in Bangkok.
  • TT Currency Exchange: TT Currency Exchange is a chain that you can find in various locations in Bangkok, offering services for currency exchange.
  • Global Money Exchange: Global Money Exchange is a chain with multiple branches in Bangkok, providing exchange services to locals and tourists.

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