International Restaurants – Thailand

bangkok international restaurant steak house

Thailand’s major cities, especially Bangkok and tourist destinations, are known for their diverse culinary scene, which includes a wide range of international restaurants catering to various tastes. Here are some popular types of international restaurants you can find in Thailand:

Few restaurants that we have experienced in are as follows:

Spicy by Nature – Indian Restaurant

If you like to try some Indian food, you will find one of the most recommended Indian restaurants in Bangkok and the name goes by “Spicy by Nature”. Indians love spicy food. Taste of spicy changes country to country though. This restaurant is based just opposite to Big C super centre Ekkamai. If you like to walk, it’s walkable distance from BTS Ekkamai or you can hire a motor bike.

Hummus Heads – Lebanese Restaurant​

ฮัมมุส เฮดส์ is a Lebanese restaurant located in Thong Lo soi 10. Pleasant ambience inside and freshly made, delicious Lebanese food and moreover the customer service will force you to go there again and again. The restaurant uses all natural and fresh ingredients to ensure the quality of food is maintained all the time. The restaurant gives a special fusion touch to some food items to give the food better taste.  Variety in food menu that includes but not limited to hummus with different flavors, falafel, shawarma (Lamb, Chicken), kofta, tabbouli, Fattoush & many other.