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Travel Tips in Thailand

Every country has some positive and negative points from touring perspective. Similarly Thailand has also many positive and negative points to remember while travelling around. We are trying to create awareness so your most desired travel destination does not leave and unsatisfied feeling.

  1. Thai Language plays an important role in Thailand. While travelling try to accompany a Thai local when and if possible. This makes your journey more comfortable and cost effective.
  2. Never get into any argument. This will end up miserably.
  3. Do not negotiate as this is known as a bad behavior.
  4. Bow down while crossing a road and the drivers will give way.
  5. Thai food is delicious but be careful while having sea food. There are chances of diarrhea.
  6. 7-11 is most affordable and easily available shopping destination for your daily needs. Wants to save money on liquor then go for 7-11.
  7. Night life is awesome, night clubs may be nightmare. Couple of drinks and some light interaction with women are manageable. Don’t go beyond a certain limit.
  8. Confirm who you want to get the massage from before entering into the massage shop.
  9. Travelling in odd hours? You may tell the taxi driver not to take express highway to save cost.
  10. Last hour travel arrangements may be tiring. Plan your travel well in advance. 

The list goes on and on and ultimately the first and last suggestion is be very careful. However, like some other countries, Thailand is far better due to the culture here.