Seacon Bangkae (ซีคอนบางแค)

Seacon Bangkae (ซีคอนบางแค) is situated in the Bang Khae district of western Bangkok, making it easily accessible to residents in the neighborhood and visitors from other parts of the city.

  1. Shopping: The mall boasts a variety of retail stores, including fashion outlets, electronics shops, beauty and cosmetics stores, home and lifestyle shops, and more. Visitors can find a diverse selection of products to suit their needs and preferences.
  2. Entertainment: Seacon Bangkae features a range of entertainment options, including a modern cinema complex where visitors can catch the latest movies. The mall also has an arcade and a game zone for kids and families.
  3. Food Court and Restaurants: The mall’s food court offers a wide array of Thai and international cuisines, making it a great place to sample different dishes and flavours. Additionally, Seacon Bangkae has various restaurants and cafes for those seeking more sit-down dining options.
  4. Supermarket: The mall includes a supermarket where visitors can purchase groceries and daily necessities, catering to the needs of local residents and shoppers.
  5. Events and Promotions: Seacon Bangkae often hosts special events, promotions, and seasonal celebrations, providing additional excitement and incentives for visitors.
  6. Convenient Amenities: The mall offers essential amenities such as restrooms, prayer rooms, and information counters to assist visitors during their shopping experience

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