Erawan Museum (พิพิธภัณฑ์ช้างเอราวัณ)

three head elephant

Creation of a Thai millionaire K. Lek (Lek Viriyaphant). Erawan Museum is a combination of Thai, Indian and Chinese mythology. Erawan is king of all elephants and Indra (God of Rain) use Erawan as means of transportation. The museum consists of 3 floors that indicates the three levels that human life goes through. Underworld, earth, heaven. The entry fee is 250 THB for Thai people and 400 THB for foreigners (updated on Jan 2022). If the foreigner is working in Thailand and has a valid work permit, the entry fee will be same as Thai people (250 THB). This is a good place to visit for one time.

The 10 points where you can worship inside Erawan Museum are:

Brahma Shrine in Erawan Museum
  1. Phra Ket Chulamanee Chedi
  2. Brahma Shrine
  3. Vishnupong Elephant
  4. Trimurti Shrine
  5. Shivapong Elephant
  6. Ganesh Shrine
  7. Bodihisattva Avalokitesavara (Kuan-Yin)
  8. Indra on Erawan Elephant
  9. Bhramapong Elephant
  10. The Cosmos Level

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