Digital Nomads in Thailand

digital nomad Thailand

What makes Thailand as a perfect place for these professionals?

  • Outstanding nature and freedom to use the facilities. How about sitting on a beach having awesome spicy Thai food and working on your computer? Sounds great? Yes…that’s how you can imagine this.
  • Availability of high-end technology such as high-speed internet connectivity in most places
  • Easily available transportation to various locations
  • Availability of various local professionals to support the digital nomads.
  • Digital nomads can really opt for low-cost accommodation and food depending on their daily expenses.
  • Thailand gives an awesome experience for beach hoppers. They can work in Ao Nang (Krabi) for a month and Phang-Nga in the next month in the laps on nature and beaches.
  • Moreover Thailand offers a huge expat community in various areas that helps these digital nomads stay connected.
  • Also recent efforts to bring revenue to the country, Thailand has introduced a long term visa for such digital nomads that includes tax exemption also. 


Having said Thailand is a very good place for digital nomads for many reasons, there are limitations and obstacles as well. One must follow the visa rules and medical facilities properly as these conditions may be showstopper sometimes.

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