Muang Boran Museum – เมืองโบราณ

Muang Boran Museum or in other words it is also known as Ancient City located at Bang Pu Mai in Samut Prakan District. This is one of the world’s largest museums and miniature of Thailand (in the shape of Thailand). During night time, it looks amazing during light festival that occurs in the night time.

Explore Muang Boran Famous Replicas and Attractions

This museum is a showcase of Thailand’s ancient history, culture, traditional life-style of Thai people in ancient times. The picturesque has both ancient places in display as well as modern architecture. Mueang Boran is known as world’s largest outdoor (open air) museum, very near to Crocodile Farm in Samut Prakan Province. It is also known as Ancient Siam.

Muang Boran
Muang Boran
Muang Boran

Mueang Boran/ Muang Boran has most of the famous monuments and architectural attractions. There are structures from all over Thailand that are replication from the original structures, some of them are re-constructed from original monuments and structures and some are symbols of designs by creativity.

Some of the major attractions are the mountain of Sumeru (a living place for spirits), the Grand Palace of Ayutthaya, the Floating Market, Phra Aphaimani Garden, the Pavilion of Recollection, Ramayana Garden and there are many more such attractions.

Entry Fees and Visitor Information

There is entry fee for both Thai people as well as foreigners but as usual the fee is high for foreigners. No harm for one time visit. You can take some awesome photographs and enjoy the evening for few hours. The museum is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. The entry fee for adult is 700 THB and for children is 350 THB. The fee may be more for foreigners but if you live and work in Bangkok, the price may be same as for Thai Citizen. You may need to show your work permit.

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