HardRock Hotel – Pattaya Beach Road

One of the busiest hotels right on the Pattaya beach road. Awesome view, awesome location, friendly staff, delicious food, enchanting evening with rock band and what not. A travel freak’s dream place that is built on musical theme. Due to its position on the beach road of Pattaya, people love to be in this hotel. The front side of the hotel is through a street and the back side of the hotel is exactly opposite the beach. Breakfast is really enjoyable with verity of dishes. If someone is with girl friend, or on a family trip or wants to have fun with friends, this is perfect place. Every age group will love this place for sure.

Living in Thailand

Many people every year move to Thailand to live here for the rest of their life. For some it’s possible and some find it difficult. Few tips and lessons are shared below to decide whether it is a suitable place for someone to set up a home here. Climate: Thailand’s climate is known to be tropical.…