Siam Amazing Park

Especially for people living in Bangkok and surrounding, if they like to go out to places to relax and have some sports activities instead of roaming around in shopping malls, then one of the best places is Siam Amazing Park (can be known as Suan Siam – สวนสยาม in Thai – old name). Starting from small kids till old age group, anyone can have good time in Siam Amazing Park.

This park consists of many sports activities starting from spiral rides, sliding rides, wave pool (gives feeling of a sea beach). The wave pool is absolute relaxing place with beach set up starting from beach chairs, bars, restaurants, scenic views and many more.

If you are foreigner/ expat living in Bangkok and holding a work permit, you can pay to same price for tickets that Thai person pays. If you are foreigner with tourist visa, you may need to pay 900 THB/Person (Adult) and 750 THB/Person (Child). Group packages are much cheaper than individual tickets. So, plan your trips accordingly prior visiting Siam Amazing Park.

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