Pattaya City – Thailand

A famous name world wide, Pattaya is is known for it’s outstanding beaches, attractive women, unlimited fun, food and awesome scenic view. Tourists love this place because of it peaceful mornings and naughty nights. The night life in Pattaya is really colorful and entertaining. Pattaya is absolutely a heaven for backpackers and people who like to drink. Not only singles but families, young, old, children of any age every one loves this place and this place gives something to everyone. Night life in Pattaya is awesome when you walk through walking street. Bar and Restaurants, massage centers, gift shops, floating market are the major attractions in Pattaya city.

Nongnooch Garden Pattaya

Holding the credit of being one of most 10 most beautiful gardens in the world, Nong Nooch Garden is well planned and well placed garden situated just few miles away from the Pattaya beach road. It will amaze any one who visits the garden. This garden is beautifully decorated and hosts verity of plants from all over the world beyond imagination. You can see verity of cactus plants brought from various parts of world, flowers from different countries and many more.

Underwater World

One of the best places to visit while going towards to Pattaya. This is an attractive aquarium that hosts various sea creatures like different types of sharks, fishes and many more. This aquarium has most types of Jellyfish and corals with different colors. Built in large acrylic tunnels will amaze the visitors with its beauty. You can also see various types of reptiles here. Visitors are allowed to feed the fishes and turtles. This is a perfect place for children to have nice time.

Seafood Market - Jomtien

Cheapest sea food market just Infront of Jomtien sea beach. Amazing sea food cooked or raw…you get what you want.

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